“Jeff Boothe is one of the foremost experts in the development and delivery of transit projects in the country. His knowledge and expertise have been integral to the success of a wide range of transit projects across from coast to coast, including bus rapid transit, streetcars, light rail, heavy rail and commuter rail. Throughout our work together for over two decades on diverse projects, Jeff has always been a source of inspiration to me because of the energy, dedication and passion he exhibits in all his work. His very personal commitment to client service is second to none, as he brings to each assignment a unique combination of deep understanding of federal transportation policy combined with empathy and awareness of local challenges and needs. Beyond our project work together, I have long admired Jeff’s unwavering devotion to knowledge exchange and capacity building in the industry through his leadership in the New Starts Working Group and the Community Streetcar Coalition. His pursuit of excellence in the industry combined with his consulting accomplishments make Jeff an invaluable colleague and trusted advisor.”
Diana C. Mendes, AICP
President, Mid-Atlantic Region
“The Interurban Transit Partnership, better known as The Rapid, in Grand Rapids, MI has used Jeff Boothe to represent the agency in federal matters for twenty years. It has been our experience that either in legal matters or in lobbying efforts on our behalf, Jeff Boothe has provided extremely valuable assistance and advice to us over these years.”
Peter Varga
Chief Executive Officer
The Rapid, Grand Rapids, Mi
“Jeff Boothe is a recognized leader within the transit industry for his public policy prowess, strategic acumen and experience to successfully secure federal approvals and funding for all types of transit projects”
Janette Sadik-Khan
Bloomberg Associates
“Jeffrey F. Boothe is recognized as the “guru” on federal transportation policy. He has proven himself to be an asset to the transit industry offering his knowledge and expertise both at the national and local levels. I have worked with Jeff for over 16 years. Not only is he knowledgeable but he leads by identifying solutions to influence policy considerations. Jeff diligently serves his clients making sure they are informed and advised. Jeff is a man of honesty and integrity. He brings his passion and his convictions as he works to make transit a sustainable entity in our nation.”
Keith T. Parker, AICP
Former General Manager/CEO
“Jeff has worked with Hillsborough Area Regional Transit for over 20 years, and I’ve worked closely with him in my tenure both as COO and CEO. Jeff’s guidance has been critical, and central, in local decisions to fund and improve our streetcar service, pursue bus and bus facilities grants, and engage our region to join together for projects which will qualify for and benefit from federal funding. His knowledge of Capitol Hill and all things FTA has been an indispensable benefit to our decision making and effectiveness. I’ve never waited more than a business day for a response — full, accurate, and relevant — from Jeff.
Katharine Kelleman
Chief Executive Officer
Port Authority of Allegheny County